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  Bell & Gossett - Hydronic & Plumbing Specialties
- Air Separators
- Air Vents
- Circulators
- Flo-Control Valves
- Isolation Valves
- Pressurized Tanks
- Specialties
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Bell & Gossett outstanding  quality products for residential and small commercial applications.  Stocked by a network of local distributors, please contact us to locate the one nearest you.  

  Bell & Gossett - Centrifugal Pumps & Accessories
- In-Line Horizontal
- In-Line Vertical
- End Suction
- Horizontal Split Case
- Submersible Foot Pump
- Submersible Vertical Turbine
- Packaged Pump Systems
- Pump Accessories
- Vertical Split Case
- Vertical Turbine
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Masterfully engineered pumps for low shut off head, durability and ease of service.  Pump accessories include Triple Duty Valves and Suction Diffusers. Typical applications include HVAC systems, plumbing, general service, industrial applications, refrigeration and cooling towers.  

  Bell & Gossett - Engineered Specialties  
- Air Control Systems
   - Air Separators
   - Compression Tanks
   - Expansion Tanks
- Hydronic Balance
   - Circuit Setter Valves
   - Circuit Sensors
   - Readout Meters
   - Triple Duty Valves
- Sediment Separators.
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Air separation and management products.   Specifically designed for water or glycol solutions flowing in cooling and heating systems. Precision built and tested balancing products that offer wide range of control and ease of application.  

  Bell & Gossett - Heat Transfer Equipment  
- Plate Heat Exchangers
   - Brazed Plate
   - Double Wall (UL Listed)
   - Removable Plates/Frame
- Shell & Tube Exchangers
   - Double Wall (UL Listed)
   - Steam Heater Line (SU)
   - Straight Tube
   - U Tube
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Complete line of efficient heat exchangers available off the shelf, or custom designed to your specifications. Extensive local and factory inventory.  

  Bell & Gossett - Packaged Systems Group 
- Heat Transfer Packages
- Pressure Booster Systems
- Pump Sequence Controllers
- Primary-Secondary Packages
- Secondary Load Shedding
- Turn-Key Packaged Systems
- Variable Primary Systems
- Variable Speed Systems
- Variable Speed Controls
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B&G's Packaged Systems Group engineering team, with both electrical and mechanical expertise, utilizes state-of-the-art CAD techniques and programs to ensure the design and fabrication of your package meet the most stringent industry standards.  

     Bell & Gossett -  Sump, Dewatering, Wastewater  
Pump Products
- Effluent, Sump & Wastewater
- Engineered Waste Water
- General Industry
- Check Valves
- Guiderail Systems
- Float Switches
- Pump Control Panels
- Sump & Sewage Basins
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Large inventory of  outstanding quality pumps and accessories.  Including control panels, basins and valves .
 Quick lead times on packaged systems and custom control panels.

  Domestic Pump    
- Boiler Feed Units
- Clinical Vacuum Units
- Condensate Return Units
- Heating Vacuum  Systems
- High Temerature Pumps
- Low NPSH Pumps
- Industrial Vacuum Units
- Vacuum Condensate Units
- Vacuum Boiler Feed Units
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Vacuum and condensate handling equipment.  Quiet. reliable and easy to maintain vacuum producing equipment for heating, clinical, industrial, and process applications. Stock or custom designed systems to transfer steam condensate or feed feed steam boilers.  

  Goulds Water Technologies
- End Suction Pumps
- Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
- Pressure Boosters Systems
- Self Priming Pumps
- Submersible Pumps
- Stainless Steel, Bronze or C.I.
- Variable Speed Pumps
- Variable Speed Pressure
  Pressure Boosters
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Pump applications include booster service, liquid transfer, spray systems, water circulation, dewatering, light Chemical and industrial applications.  Extensive local inventories. Contractor friendly variable speed pressure booster systems now in stock.  

  Hoffman Specialty  
- Boiler Feed Units
- Condensate Return Units
- Pilot Operated Valves
- Pressure Regulators
- Steam Traps
- Steam Valves
- Steam & Water Vents
- Temperature  Control Valves
- Vacuum Condensate Units
- Vacuum Brakers
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Since 1913 Hoffman Specialty continues to be dedicated to designing, producing and marketing the very highest quality products available anywhere.
Extensive local inventory of Hoffman parts and products

  McDonnell & Miller   
- Air Flow Switches
- Boiler Water Feeders
- Boiler Level Controllers
- Liquid Flow Switches
- Liquid Level Controls
- Liquid Flow Switches
- Low Water Cutoffs
- Pump Controllers
- Water Feeders
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The industry leader for over 70 years of reliable safety controls for hot water and steam boilers.  Industrial and commercial level control systems.  Air and liquid flow switches.  Large local network of stocking distributors.  Contact us to find the one nearest you. .

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